Edmonton Fasteners and Tools

Collection of Information

It is not the intention for members of The Fastener Group to collect information from anyone who finds themselves on our website or on-line stores. Information that is normally collected by either the browser or by such programs as a the search engine within our website, is used specifically for the intent on improving our service level to our customers. Information such as cookies, is regularly dumped to protect our site from information gatherers. We do not collect I.P. addresses or email addresses. Email addresses provided to us for the purpose of correspondence, will be kept for the duration of the correspondence only. If a business relationship develops to a full time business partnership, such information may be maintained, but only outside of the website and will not be generally available to anyone and will specifically not be available through the website.

On Line Store

If a customer of The Fastener Group is set up to purchcase through our on-line store initiative, or is part of our Customer monitoring their own information as gathered by our accounting system, any information that can be reviewed on-line is protected by firewall and a secure internet connection and cannot be seen or compiled by an individual or company other than the customer. Once the customer logs off the secure site, all active information is dumped during the log off procedure. We are adamant in the protection of our customer's private information and will go to any lengths to ensure that privacy. If you have any concerns, you are advised to contact the system administrator bmar@edmontonfasteners.comand convey your concerns for review and tentative action.